Beautiful Turned Bowls and Other Products
from Native American Woods

Hand Turned and Finished by A.D. Hartwig, Lumberton, NJ


salad setcutting board

box Elder: 4.75 in. deep, 13 in. Diam.spectacular colors made by B.E beetle

Business card holderTray

Art beginning the process of hand-turning a bowlThese bowls and other items use only ‘found’ wood, and are not the result of cutting down healthy living trees specifically for them.

Blank for a bowl on latheThe wood for a bowl is turned ‘green’ or wet to a rough shape, dried for six months, and re-turned to its final shape. It is then sanded to bring out the natural beauty of the wood and given the final finish.

After the blank for a bowl is cut from a log, smaller and odd-shaped leftover pieces are made into kitchen tools and desk accessories such as stir-fry utensils, cutting boards, business card holders, and letter openers, so very little of the wood is wasted.

Medford Leas HolidayCraft Fair, December 2016

Medford Leas Holiday Craft Fair, December 2016

The wood chips that result from turning are used as mulch on local walking trails where, over time, they become part of the soil. Therefore, these products have not created a negative impact to our local ecology or environment.

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